Guys, Why is my ex acting like nothing ever happened, just days after we broke up?

So, last year I dated a guy (we're both 17) and we were each other's first serious relationship. We grew very close and it was honestly a very beautiful bond. When summer came along, he was leaving the country for 6 weeks, and for whatever reason wanted to call it a "break" between us. Long story short, summer was rough for me and we had a lot of issues trying to mend things when he came back. We eventually broke up, and it was rough on both of us. We have many classes together this year, and for around 4-5 months, we didn't speak. If we did, it felt forced. It was just a tough situation, and the idea of holding a normal conversation with him, or even just being alone with him for a few minutes, seemed impossible.
Then, miraculously, we reconnected halfway into the school year. He said I left a hole in his life and that it was great knowing we could speak to one another again. We grew close all over again, and it turned into basically a whole new relationship. Things were going super great, but summer break is in just a few weeks, and he'll be leaving the entire summer to work at a sleepaway camp. He told me he didn't think he could committ to maintaining our closeness over summer while he's away, and basically said that he didn't want last summer to happen all over again. He explained that he didn't want to disappoint me and go through another painful breakup. I cried in front of him and told him I was pretty hurt, and he explained he felt it was the best thing to do. I'm still struggling with his reasoning, given that we reconnected and grew very close all over again, but I'm fine knowing that we dropped it on good terms. Just a few days after we broke up, he's been acting normal with me as if nothing has ever happened. As if we never happened. It's weird because it feels like this didn't affect him all that much, and im struggling to understand why, if i was supposedly so special, he just dropped it like no big deal?
Also, I think I should add that we've talked a lot since the breakup. Not serious talks, but just... talking. Like two friends. He approached me the first time around, then it became easier for me to approach him. I'm confused because he acts way too normal. I know that's not necessarily a bad thing, but if he can act like im nothing, it feels like I was just a fling that he quickly brushed off.


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  • guess he's tryin 2 forget u in anyway he can... :|


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