Was it wrong of me to ask my ex this question?

Just yesterday, I asked my ex if there was another girl in the picture when we were dating. That sounds crazy, but I can explain -- basically, we dated last year, and had a very tough breakup. A couple of months ago, we reconnected at a very random time in both of our lives. I didn't know if he was involved with someone at the time we started speaking again, and he didn't know If I was involved with anyone at the time. We just started speaking to each other again (after months of not talking), and it grew into something romantic. We broke up just last week because he'll be away all summer and does not think he can committ to maintaining our relationship while he's away (we're both 17, if that explains anything).
The whole time in which we reocnnected and grew close, I really didn't know if there was another girl in the picture. Maybe not somebody he was dating, but someone he was interested in. Was it really wrong of me to ask him about it? I told him I didn't want to offend him, and I wasn't trying to complicate anything or make him uncomfortable. I said it was just something on my mind that I never really asked him about, and that I was hoping to gain closure on. He was calm and gave me a simple "no," then said if anything, I was the one who seemed uncomfortable. He wasn't acting warm but he wasn't acting cold, either. Does it seem like he was mad or that I offended him? He knows that if something is on my mind, I can't help but ask... I'm just hoping I didn't make things tense between us?


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  • don't see anything wrong here... nor he's mad... he just said no


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