Is my ex going to be mean to his future girlfriends?

OK so my ex boyfriend used to bring me down all the time and just make me feel like crap. He's 23 and he's dated like 6 different girls before me. I was nothing but sweet to him but he treated me like crap. After we broke up I told him he needs to stop treating girls so bad and he told me he doesn't treat every girl like crap,just me. But I remember him telling me a story about how he dumped a drink on his ex gfs head because she was talking bad about some other girl. So is he going to treat future girlfriends badly or was it really just me? Because I was so good to him so I don't see how any other girl would make him change.


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  • he probably just told you he only treats you like that because he was mad. it's very likely that he's going to keep being that way until he resolves whatever happened to him that's making him act out that way

    • Ya I think he has personal anger issues. His friend told me he likes to be alone alot,single and that he's f'd up in the head about girls,haha!

    • Yeah I'm sure there's something like that going on within him. don't beat yourself up over it though, you tried to be a good girlfriend to him but he wasn't able to appreciate it at this point in his life

What Girls Said 1

  • He sounds like he's just a jerk. Don't even give him the time of day. Who cares what he does now? He's not yours anymore and that's a good thing.


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