I need advice, to delete or not to delete?

My curhs went through a recent breakup out of a 3 year relationship, things were going good and we really liked one another, same interests, talk all day all night, but then she started acting weird. I think she realized that it was not best for her to just jump into a relationship right away (understandable) . We talked on the phone the other day and I basically told her I felt she was getting distant and that me talking with her and us trying to turn our crush into a relationship was not helping her healing process. She agreed and said even talking with me is hard cause we both know our intentions are still there (it's hard to go back to just being friends).
So I told her basically we are breaking up as friends and that I will no longer be contacting her. She got upset with this saying it will make things much harder just to pretend like we aren't even frineds etc. So to make her feel better I told her "we are still friends, but I will no longer be contacting you. If for some reason you feel like you want to contact me its not like I will ignore you" she felt better feeling like at some point she could contact me again.

I don't like it because it gives a hopeless situation the appearance of hope in the future. SO do I just delete her out of my life and pretend she does not exist? delete of Facebook, instagram, snapchat, phone number. We were good friends before but I really do no see a point in keeping contact info of someone who will not contact or hangout and who you definitely don't want to know about new boyfriends etc.


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  • it depends. do you think she likes you she just isn't ready for a relationship? if so, then just be patient.

    If you think she isn't into you like that, then yeah delete everything.

    • I'm not sure. We were close before, she claims she still likes me. She stated that she knows she cannot jump into anything right now. I had asked her multiple times if space is what she needed and all she would say is that she cannot make a decision right away and that she does not know what she wants. Some of her last words were that she does not want to waste my time.

      From how she behaved for the past few months I would say she wanted a relationship but the two weeks leading up to us not talking I would say hell no. so I don't know what to think

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    • haha I like the step by step breakdown. I will not be talking to her anymore from this point. That is pretty much what I told her, if she wants to talk at some point in the future than go ahead but don't expect anything from me.
      And yep not "liking" "commenting" "favouriting" or whatever else you can do on SM. All she gets is to see my updates :P (which I am also keeping to a minimum)

      To be honest with you though, I really don't think that she ever will contact me again. I've gone so far as to make bar bets with a bunch of my friends.

    • she will contact you. I promise. Just as long as you weren't a dick to her lol if you were a dick to her, I would probably apologize first and tell her you understand. then do no contact :) she will. I promise!

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  • guess u shouldn't...


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  • You have to do what you do for you! If that makes sense. I don't recommend blocking and deleting and all that. I always think that is childish and shows the other person you are "way to in to them." Instead just play it cool... Don't bother defining what you are or what you are not. Live your life be happy. When she contacts you, answer it if you want... Ignore it if you want. This will throw home girl completely off b/c you are not responding like she would probably expect... and attraction is all about keeping the other person off balance. It would send a clear message to her... He is a really good guy, mature, confident, happy guy... that I am getting to see less of...& I need to get my act together.

  • Just delete then.


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