Am I doing the right thing by leaving him?

I really don't want to but it feels like the right thing to do I really don't know? He is a great guy but when we started dating he was in touch with an old flame just casually but as we got closer, in public too she got jealous. I think she has pulled him closer and got him wrapped around her finger now that she got out of a long relationship (I know who she is). It is shady how he talks about her with his friends and how they talk to each other, since we're not committed I thought it was okay but now that his behaviour has changed I don't think it is. I find him more distant and sad of all sudden like something bothers him and I'm pretty sure it's her yet he continues texting me, making plans, he even planned on showing up with flowers at my graduation and he does kiss me etc. it's just that he seems different SOMETIMES comparing from the start. He likes me a lot I've been told but then there is her.. It was great until she found out about us. I'm seeing him tomorrow and I'm thinking about having a talk with him, maybe break up with him because I can't stand how he acts when all I want is to be with just him.


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  • its the right thing.


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