My ex left a scar on me and I'm jaded forever now?

She always accused me of not caring said she felt worthless etc . I was going through military training at the time she saw me weaker less confident more emotional. She then went on to tell me that I still used her etc .. I just got passive aggressive I guess as did she. She would act like she didn't care then lash out. I was the 'bad boy' all her friends and family hated. She was choosing me over her family and friends. And had no problem doing so a month or so before this. She got distant that last month more bitchy.. she broke up then probabaly thought I was sleeping with someone else due to social media.. she went on to tell me I'm sorry but I'm gunna live a high class life style and a cop/military just doesn't do it. I can't believe what I heard was this the same girl that I feel in love with? She was the privileged one that went straight college after high sChoo full ride. m good grades.. Whilst I'm 22 just starting. I don't know if she said this just to piss mee off because I suck ay being a boyfriend and hurt her time and time again. She needed to leave tried to leave but always came back. now that it was a choice that needed to be made me vs her ever talking to her family again and her college ride. She had to leave so she wanted some revenge. I don't know.. but km dead inside and hate myself for falling for such a girl.


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  • sounds like it was toxic. if you hurt her and her family doesn't like you, there must be some reason for it. try to better your self. She might notice and come back. If not, then you will meet someone else who will make you happy in time.


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