Why do I miss someone that left me and treated me like dirt?

Hi y'all. I was recently dumped a few weeks ago cold turkey. There was no argument or cheating. She always seemed emotionally unavailable and reminiscing about her ex often in a bad way but it still had me worried. He hurt her bad but he was way older than her. I'm her age and she said I wasn't serious enough (I think she emant financially, I just got out of school so I couldn't have everything just yet). We saw each other once every other week but I was never a priority. I felt neglected or uncared for. I adored this girl. Now no news since the breakup at all (she dumped me). Why do I miss her so much if she was mean, condescending and negligent towards me? How do I get over this? Thanks a bunch!


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  • That's how feelings are... it's normal.

    • It totally sucks. I love her but I can't run back or else I'm accepting that treatment. My hands are tied :/

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  • You liked the idea of her i would say. Might take time but find someone that likes being with you and treats you good. You'll be so much happier.

    • Thanks for the nice words of encouragement. The sting is getting worse almost. I just imagine her with someone else and it kills me. There was so much potential. It's too bad. I would run after her but I don't want to encourage people for treating me like that

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  • unfortunately maybe u haven't get over her...

    maybe u "liked" her behavior somehow?

    • I think I got attached to the idea of her the way he described herself at the beginning of our relationship vs how she was with me. I trusted everything she said and how she said she was. I got attached big time. She was gorgeous as well

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