How to make a guy stop talk to you?

have an ex boyfriend don't seem like he wants to stop talk to me, he have a girlfriend and she is pregnant. yet he still wants to talk with me. i am frustated and stressed out because i don't know what else there is to do to make that guy stop talk to me i did so many things already to him just so he will stop talk to me but he still somehow ends up talking to me.

i stop communicate with him face to face, by phone, message or any other social media, nothing works, cause he willl texts or call he will get no answer but will just show up at my department and just ask 'what happen to your phone i been trying to contact you'. (note we work with the same company), that now put me in a force situation to answer cause he invading my privacy n i want him out from my section where i work. stop talk to him again and he will just show up at my desk again, when i ask him what he doing here he will say here is not my home, he can be any where he choose he work with such n such, he will even use his mother phone to call me then erase the number out of his mother phone, he told me for him to stop talk with me i will have to do him something so i did, i took something personal for him, i told his girlfriend to tell him leave me to... alone, i go as far n tell his mother speak with him n tell him leave me alone, i disrespect, humiliate, embarrass him in public even in the present of his friends n girlfriend thinking yes finally he will never talk to me, then out of the blue (8mths) he calls n message me still it makes me real mad cause i find he is invading my personal space, i did not answer so he did it face to face after not getting any respond from me. it seems as if no one can talk to that guy cause he told his mother she can't tell him who to like. that doesn't have anything to do with me. thats his business he broke up with me. wait technically he didn't, i just learnt he had a girlfriend while we were together asks him he didn't confirm i asks his mother she told me yes. so i just hold my own from there. some people at wrk knows what is going on yet they have it as a joke. how to make a guy stop talk to you? this is maddening i trying to heal and he just want to open up my wounds. nothing i do to him works.
maybe i didn't make it clear i don't have anything to do with this guy at all, no communication what soever. at work i pass him like an exam.

because i don't communicate with answering his call/messages he will seek out in the section where i wrk. that is when i am force to tell him what he doing here invading my personal space. this is serious. cause at 1 time when he couldn't reach me by phone/message he says if he didn't see me when he came to seek me out he was going to come by my home.


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  • tell him to stop.


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  • The easiest way is to stop answering his calls

  • He stops when you stop creamin


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