Why would she do this and will I see her again??

my girlfriend went to visit family with our child at first everything was fine then she began procrastinating about coming home and the last day she said she wanted to stay and that I should move there. I told her we couldn't just forget about our responsibilities and just leave and she told me she didn't love me anymore and she cheated on me and now refuses to even speak with me. please help I am at a loss I love her but I love my child too.


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  • I"m not sure why, as there weren't enough details. Although, I am sure you have some idea. That being said, even if she changes her mind, I don't think it would be in your best interest to get back with her. I think you should fight like Heck to get custody of your child and quit all other contact, minus that contact needed for you child. If she cheated on you and says she does not love you, you should not try to get her back in any way, shape, or form.

    I'm sorry this happened, but I hope you the best for you and your child.

    • Thanks to be honest I haven't the faintest idea why she did what she did but I have inlisted the help of a lawyer, I have been I contact with her to try and reach some kind of custody agreement but that has gone nowhere all she ever says is she's so happy there close to her family and all I can think is how selfish can one person be, she may be happy but my daughter is suffering she's sad and sick all the time.

      thanks for the well wishes

    • It may take a paternity test, but as long as you pay child support, she will be forced to give you visits with your child (even if you have to go to court to get this). If you think you can provide a better home, you could also fight for custody.

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  • She may have been planning this family trip as an "escape" all along. Why? Only she knows for sure (and the best person to venture a guess would be you).

    Of course, you can make legal challenges in regards to your child but that's a matter for you to discuss with a lawyer.


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