Break up and obsession? still in love and kinda still get hung up about smallest details how can I fix it?

ok so i've been dating a girl got engaged kinda fast but we've been together for a year almost and right 4-5 day's b4 our aniversary she breaks up with me she said she still cares and so on but still wants to be friends yes i kinda like that... but the reason was that i didn't respect her i personally think i respected her i have anger issues so i take my anger if i get pissed or so in "ignore" to get past it so basicly summirze it all she said i was being a asshole to her she has depression and so on... i've been trying to move on for a whole month i get paranoid i get jelous if i hear she is with people (guys)... and i really still love her i still want to be with her but i dont know if it has developed from love to obsession i can't stop thinking about her how she betrayed me or just purely abandoned me i have abandonment issues from my father and it was hard like every person i love leaves but this is quite diffrent we bonded so much i felt like Happy again i just dont know how to make it go away the jelousy and the paranoia i think it's obsession but at the same time i dont wanna lose her from my life...

one of her friend advised her to break up with me and the other friend she has hates me (i hate her to tho) but i just find it hard and dont know how to move on this is the first searious relationship i've been in and was actually planing to marry this girl but now im just scared and can't move on from it it still bothers me... and i lived with her for around 6months and i just want to eather move on or do something about this just dont know how like i said this is the first time i feel like this about a person... :/
and i dont want to be rude like block her on facebook i mean i care a lot about her even tho we're not together and i still talk to her but it's hard nontheless :/


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  • you have to give yourself time to move on.


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