I don't get it. Why do guys cheat on a good/faithful girl?

I know it's only 3 months of dating with this guy. He said things that made me believe he was a good boyfriend, we were official. I was loyal to him. But when things ended for both of us, he gave up and didn't even try to pick up the pieces. Instead, in less than a week, he was already with a new girl! Question is: was he cheating on me this whole time? No one picks up a girl THAT quick in less than a week and invite her over to your place? In about 2 weeks she started posting pictures of them hanging out together and referred to him as "Bae"

wow. I am so mind blown.


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  • Silkteddy, I am telling you, this guy was not cheating on you, you were not a rebound. Sorry but you are making this all up, its all in your head. You have absolutely no evidence he was cheating on you.

    Its quiet simple, he might of known this girl a while he is was in a relationship with you, and decide to ask her out, after the relationship ended with you. He could of easily pick her up at a club, a dating site.

    Just cause he has moved so quickly and got himself another women, doesn't mean anything. It is his life, if he wishes to pursue another relationship with someone else, its none of your business. But it doesn't mean he is doing it to hurt you. He is moving on with his life, stop making it about you, and he doing everything to hurt you. Sorry but you are really being paranoid. Let it go.

    Just accept you relationship with him ended, and you ended, with a decision you regretted. You said wanted to be single, then you wanted him back, and he didn't take your offer again. You hurt him, by ending it with him. He didn't get back with you, he didn't want you to hurt him again.

    Stop blaming him, the relationship ended because of you. He is not some barbie doll, you can just do what you like with him. You can't go round just deciding when to be in a relationship, and when its not, When go doing that to people, sometimes people are not give you a second chance, this is world is very unforgiving place,

    Just leave the guy alone, and stop looking at his facebook page, and his new girlfriend. Its none of your business, I suggest you find better things to with your time.

    • He is not doing anything to hurt you. You are actually hurting yourself. But I guess you like hurting yourself. You are just living in a world of hurt, instead of moving on, and start loving life and someone else again. There are plenty of other men out there. GET OVER IT.

    • I just saw this right now. In this is definitely an experience "I loved and lost" it still hurts

    • Getting hurt is part of the package with relationships, if can't handle it, stay single. You must be strong enough to handle it, and put the pain behind you, and move on. At the end of the day, you are choosing to be miserable over one guy, and missing out on other opportunities, you are cheating yourself out of living your life to the full,

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  • Because he was pursuing you for the chase, once he got you, he moved on.


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  • If is unclear whether he cheated during your relationship. He could have taken up with another girl out of bitterness and to get back at you.

    That said, people usually cheat for their own reasons, ones that have nothing to do with you.

  • Immature guys want to get laid so they go from girl to girl who ever puts out first

    • I know it probably doesn't matter but, This new girl is so basic though that there's really nothing to be jealous about her other than she is now with the guy whom I still have feelings for.

      For some reason I still hope he will come back. Is that wrong thinking?

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    • I don't know why I'm still in denial! It's almost a month cuz we broke up May 5th. I just really liked him :(

    • Thats up to you I would not do it

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  • some guys are like that, TOTAL JERKS.

  • because they can't commit.


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