Girls, why does my ex keep doing this to me?

The last two times i have seen my ex out on a night out, she keeps on sounding me out, we end up kissing, she then goes into a deep conversation about how she misses me, really likes me and thinks about me all the time. She says her life is where it needs to be after a difficult few years, work, friends family etc and she's ready to try again.

next day she completely U-turns, panicks and regrets it, we end up arguing due to her messing with my head and ignoring me and it gets childish, the only reason i talk to her is because we have a great laugh and enjoy each others company until she starts playing this game, what does ot mean? What am i supposed to do?

i understand its in alcohol but thats what it takes for her to open up, its not entirely the drink and if she wasn't feeling those things, she would just ignore me


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  • She seems finicky, like she doesn't know what she wants. I wouldn't deal with her. She seems like she's still trying to figure things out. She may still have feelings for you but it doesn't mean she wants to be with you. I would walk away from her. She seems like she would continue to hurt you


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