Nothing happened, why did he break up with me out of the blue?

So I had been dating this guy for 4 months but due to circumstances it was quite an intense time. But everything was great and I really started falling for him. Then we went out one night with our mates and I was driving us all. All night long he was dancing (as much as he could with me being on crutches) and was really protective over me, any time someone knocked me over or took out my crutches he would say something and most of the time tried to shield me with his body. He came back to my place and stayed in my room and like cuddled me all night.

The next morning it was like a switch had flipped. He was a different person, didn't want to be near me and left my house as soon as he could. I didn't really think too much of it, I just thought he was hung over and grouchy you know? Im real chilled out when it comes to relationships and stuff I dont need to see my person all the time or text them 24/7. So I didn't push him or anything and then he ignored me for a week afterwards which was shit and stressed me out because Im a straight up person and need to know where I stand, even if its not what I want to hear. then the other day he rings me and just says "its over, I can't do this anymore, I care about you but I dont see us going anywhere"

Like literally nothing happened... I dont know why he broke up with me. Guys have you ever done this to a girl before, is there a reason?

The only reason I can think of was that he freaked out about our relationship heading into a "serious"/"official" direction? I dont know but now Im gutted and I have no explanation as to what the hell happened. When he rang me and told me it was over I tried asking him why and he just wouldn't answer me.


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  • Guys break up for all sorts of reasons, he may have thought about it long time ago but continued to give the relationship a chance and then on this particular day he just had enough and made up his mind to let it go. another thing is your theory that he may have freaked out that the relationship was getting to serious and he may not been ready.

    • I get that but the thing is after my accident I had multiple conversations with him basically saying that if he wants to get out now I would understand because im a lot to take on. Every single time he looked at me like I was being stupid and told me he doesn't want to get out he wants to stay... surely if he had been thinking about it for ages he would have told me sooner?

    • He would have told you sooner but at the same time he was debating with himself whether to let it go or Stick with you. personally I have been through such a situation where one morning I convince myself to give the relationship more chance and another I tell myself to call it quits. I am not sure about other guys. but that internal debate can go on for a while and guys are good at hiding emotions so it would not be easy to sense a break up coming just by watching a guy's behavior alone.

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  • I think you are right. I don't see what else it could be? He probably got cold feet by the sound of it. Hopefully he just needs some time to figure out what he wants and let this ''melt'' but you did nothing wrong, it's his problems.


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  • He thought about the long term percussion being with you.

  • Maybe you were being too needy or insecure. Do u have a lot of baggage?

    • Im not a needy or insecure person haha when he ignored me for a week I text him once the entire time. Nope, no baggage other than recovering from my accident.

    • Then maybe he realizes you're too good for him. does he have issues?

    • No issues that I know of and I have known him a long time. Unless you count never having had a LTR an issue... I guess it could translate as commitment issues.

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