My ex-boyfriend broke up with me?

He was my best friend ever and I loved him a lot. He broke up with me because I wanted to be married and he did not. I have finals and I can't srop crying. :( I won't be able to focus on my exams :'( I can't stop crying. I have no more friends anymore.


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  • 15 is so young to be thinking marriage. Not that you can't but maybe try to keep it to yourself until your done with high school. Most guys don't want to think about being tied down that early in life. As for getting over him, only time really helps. Try talking about it to friends and just out loud even if there isn't anyone there. Just don't do that in public ;-) Remind yourself of all the reasons you are a great person and that focusing on your studies is going to help you get a better life in the long run. Good luck :-)

    • It's one of my standards. I really want it.

    • And that isn't a bad thing, but like I said, you aren't going to find many guys at your age who are going to be like YAY this chick wants to get hitched.

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  • Try to keep busy. You probably have more friends than you think.

    • No... I don't

    • Honey, if you keep dwelling on how shit your life is, it won't ever feel like it's going to get better. You'll make yourself even more miserable than you already are.

      Chin up, darling. Keep your mind busy. Your exams are more important at the moment. You can deal with the emotional drama later.

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