Getting my ex back: what if my plan backfires?

My ex still has feelings for me, he is just confused. SO I am trying to get him back. (don't question lol) This is the plan:

I am going to disappear from his life completely for a couple weeks to give him time and space. Then I'm going to gradually come back. I am going to make myself seeing me will be a rare thing. When he does see me, I will be happy and looking my best. I won't be dating other guys, but I will appear to have moved on.

...but what if looking like I've moved on just makes him move on? that is the last thing I want!

any advice? Please improve my plan in anyway you see fit! I am open to constructive criticism!


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What Guys Said 1

  • You're plan is completely and FUBAR. You're playing a game where you might crap out. For starters, you have a pretty strong assumption that your ex still has feelings and that he's confused. If your intuition or knowledge is that strong, then you don't have to do all the crap you just laid out. Just be honest with the guy. Tell him that you have feelings for him, and that you know that he still has feelings for you. And that you want to get back together with him but you know that he is confused about how he feels, so you are willing to give him the space he needs to figure out what he really wants to do. That's a lot better than dropping of the face of the earth for a few weeks. Coming back and teasing him with your presence, and then giving the impression that you're moving on. In the process of you making yourself scarce, there might be some other chick he has his eyes on, and decides to move on with her. At least if you're honest with him, he knows that you're still around and that you want to be with him and let him decide from there what he wants to do.

    • Lol fair enough. he does know that I still have feelings for him, and he knows that I know how he feels about me. I wish I could be honest with him.....but he broke up with me for space....

What Girls Said 1

  • Don't do that, if you're SURE that he's confused BUT still loves you. There's no need for you to act out your plan. Just tell him you're there for him whenever he wants to come back and that you still love him.


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