Girls dumping question?

Ladies, ever dumped someone expecting them to not go away afterwards/persist with contact.
And they just did the total opposite and disspeared?
Apart from bei g relieved, do you think, wow might of had him slightly wrong?
Just curious


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  • I'm in the opposite boat, he's expecting me to contact me persistently after he broke up with me. If I don't, what will he think?

    • Good for you...
      Being a guy, he will have a hurt ego, and you will have him confused

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  • I am an upfront serial dater who always ends everything first due to boredom or
    abject deal breakers.

    I used to believe men would accept that

    I have since had four court appointed intervention orders in two years since as well
    as continual stalkers, both online and offline.

  • I am relieved if they just disappear.


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