Do I still have a chance?

I just got out of this relationship with this girl, we both decided it wasn't going to work. A few weeks later I encounter her in my class room, and she decides to sit across the room from where I am placed, but while I was doing my work I could see her looking over at me every once in a while she would stop her work and glance at me for at least 3 to 4 minutes, and she would do this over and over again, I tried my best not to glare back and concentrate on my work, but anyway what struck me the most was at the end of the lesson when my teacher called me over to berate me, I accidently glared in her direction and she smiled at me, I didn't smile back as I was speaking to my teacher. But I have a lesson with her tomorrow should I approach her and ask for a second chance do I still have a chance?

Thank you.


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  • Uh... glaring at people typically isn't a nice thing and not smiling back likely made it look like you were being rude. I sincerely doubt it, especially since you both decided it wasn't a good idea.

    • Hi, what did you mean by "glaring at people typically isn't a nice thing"?

      Do you mean her actions were rude?

      Sorry I am just a bot confused. :)

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    • Sorry I meant I didn't want to stare back, I apologise.

    • If you two both agreed you shouldn't date... it isn't going to happen. Unless you two came to that conclusion and were lying about it.

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  • WHATEVER you do, don't chase her. i. e DON'T go to her asking for another chance.

    The first bad thing I've read in your OP is the fact that you didn't smile back at her.

    Her smiling at you meant she doesn't have hard feelings, at the very least. You glaring at her is telling her "Don't look at me!"

    You'll have other chances to smile back at her.

    DON'T contact her.


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