Guys, if your significant other cheated on you, would it be worse if it was with another guy or with a girl?

Is it worse if it's with someone who can give them something you can, or if it's someone who can give them something you can't?

Just curious.


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  • Cheating = Cheating

    For a girl to cheat on me with another girl is to some extent less cheating but more of a fantasy thing she wants to try out.

    But I can not know this! If she were to tell me that she wanted to try out doing stuff with another girl, eventually I'd be fine with it. Hell, it even might turn out that I'm invited to watch / help out :D

    But if she were not to tell me and I find out, the level of trust is hurt pretty much. How can I believe her that it was just a fantasy and nothing more serious? It could be more after all.

    Any healthy relationship requires a lot of talking and talking about sex and sex fantasies in particular is very important. And to me, there's nothing wrong with a girl wanting to experience something with another girl. After all, they DO know more about women than we guys do ;)


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  • Its cheating if a guy or a girl what the difference huh?

    • Cheating with the guy means you're not satisfying her in a way that's possible for you to do, cheating with a girl means she wants something you can never give her.

    • OK, NO. I would consider it cheating anyway girl or guy.

  • I actually don't think I'd be as bothered if it were with a girl oddly enough...i'd be conflicted as to whether or not I should ask for a 3some at that point

  • If it was a girl I would ask her to have a threesome with her. I would be hurt at all.

  • Cheating is Cheating Dosn't matter who its with...


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