Is it okay to go back with a guy that broke your heart?

I dated this one guy over a month ago for almost a month, and he broke my heart when he broke up with me. So he asked me out almost 2 weeks on Sunday and I said yes.. Is it okay to do that?


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  • ask yourself if you're willing to risk being hurt all over again. It happened once and if he hasn't changed, it can easily happen again.


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  • If you think you can forgive him for breaking your heart , and you think everything is going to be perfect when you re-enter your relationship then go ahead.

    You may have to deal with the heartbreak all over again.

    He was clearly not happy in the realtionship the first time , so you need to ask him his reasons for why he left you. If you love him...then do what you feel is right.

  • i'm sorry, but my answer will be a definite NO


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