The immortal pain of missing her?

im so painful, i dont know even why i am writing here, she just left months ago without reasons and im so bored from everything i don't want even to look to any new girls faces and i don't know how to forget her.. i really feel im stuck and tired.. i wish i can sleep and never wake up.. i just can't believe why she never know how much i loved her.. she just make me silent with deep anger and sadness inside i can't even email her anymore because simply i was believing her so much thats why i can't believe she is the one who broke me to many pieces i wish she say what did i do wrong i really didn't do anything i asked my self did i lied did i cheated on her did i do any of those ugly things but i really found nothing so why this happen to me?


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  • It is very difficult to find closure when you have no catalyst for the termination of the relationship and when you have no one to obtain answers from. The best you can do is just try and accept it and realise she wasn't the person you thought she was, and if she wasn't then it is no surprise that you don't know why she left.

    I know it's hard but many people before you have gone through this and many will again, you probably will again - heartbreak is all part of life, we accept the loss because we know there is always the possibility of another love, a greater love. It seems dark right now but it will get better. Try and distract yourself or do some serious introspection to figure out why things didn't work and how you can come out a stronger person for it.

    • believe me i became stronger today than ever before but i just can't cope seeing her image every second everywhere, i just wonder if she really loved me for 7 years why should i be in this situation or position today if i wished for her all the good and i was ready to die for her why she is the one who killed me.. im really doing good in my life today working hard on e ery way but seems im running alone .. even girls who coming in my life now im running away from all of them seems i can't see anyone else than her... i was really and still loving her eventhough im not crazy following her all i just want i wish she can feel how i feel today and in the same time i respect my self i won't insult my self by running behind who don't want me.

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  • Dude
    Chill out..
    I feel your pain
    Recently I've realized that me and my girlfriend are not for each other
    So we simply broke up
    Just like that
    The point is that when someone leave your life.. that's because they're making a room for someone else who deserves to be in your heart

    • what u said is totally correct and its the truth of the truth what i believe too but my mind refuse to believe but u r right i just don't know when i will believe and move forward same lile you.

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  • it is normal.

  • I'm sorry for your loss :( did u two have a lot of arguments?

    • she just left... all i feel there's someone 3rd in the story someone who just came to steal my dreams and the best years in my life.. we never argue together before breaking up all i remember she wasn't into me lately before we break up and a sudden change in her happened in last month of the breaking up i just felt like she is not the one i used to know for long years. all i can say maybe i was bad or i wasn't enough for her maybe she found a better person than me.. all i know i wish her really all happiness i just didn't wish that she will be the source of my current

    • of my current pain.

    • Hang in there.., she obviously gives up easy... u will find someone better. Millions of people waiting for a loyal caring man like u. Good luck to u

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