Just trying to understand why he's acting this way?

-dated this guy for 3 months
-he wanted to be exclusive by the 3rd date
-he thought I was the one within the first month, told his friend I might marry her eventually
-we are from different faiths/race
-he didn't care about it
-he has a kid and is dependent on his parents
-he thought his parents would be OK with it
-turned out they weren't during the 1st month in. He wanted me to meet his parents by the 6th date.
-they were against it so when he told me, I wanted to leave but he didn't let be. Convinced me that they would be OK with it after they see how happy I make him.
-anyways, we were close, had open communication and affectionate.
-his father asked if we were still together around 3rd month, he told him no
-prior to that he started acting distant
-confronted him on it, he said he didn't think his parents would accept me etc
-we talked about it and he said he'll talk to his father again and try to convince him
-his father is dictatorial and told him absolutely not and that he needed to end it.
-he doesn't know what to do so he ends it because he can't go against his family even if they are wrong.
-I got upset and said some mean things
-he blocked me and never responded to me afterwards, although I apologized for what I said
-he never responded to any of my texts, I don't understand why he's been so cold
-we've broken up for 3 months and it's been ok now. Like I don't want to be with him but what I don't understand is how did he walk away without even showing a hint of emotion or pain. Its like I never meant much or if anything at all. I know it's stupid to think about at this point but he was the first guy I ever fell in love with. I would have appreciate if some kind of feelings were displayed. People show there feelings when in love, don't they? During a break up especially? Usually my breaks are very amicable and kind. We will at least respond to texts and I wasn't even close to those guys. But this guy we had an emotional bond or at least I thought so. by the way it wasn't about the sex, cause we didn't have sex because I'm a virgin which he respected. We really had a very caring and loving attitude towards one another. So don't understand how it got so ugly?


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  • did u do sth that u believe maked him pissed off?

    • Well I did send a very mean text after the break up on how he wasn't worth the effort and time I put in him and that he was nothing more than a regret. After which he blocked me and I did apologize for it but he never responded. He originally wanted to be friends after the break up. He isn't an egoistic type of guy but I know a lot ofppl close to him undermine him.

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  • Kid and depends on his parents... Hmmm that explains a lot of his actions

    • What do you mean? How so?

    • They will come before a girl anytime

    • You're right. I just don't like the fact that he said all the right things because they were just meaningless words. He shouldn't have made any commitment if his parents opinions were so important especially considering I wanted to leave right after he told me during the 1st month mark.

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  • what the helllll

  • people change.


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