Broke up but wants to work it out, possible rebound involved. Left confused. Will I get her back?

We were broken up for about 3 months after being together for almost 4yrs. In this time we had some NC and some low contact. We hung out a few times and it went great. Eventually I couldn’t do it no more and sent her an email that I needed some real closure if we weren’t gonna work it out. We both had plans over the weekend and decided to meet up after.

We met up, she travelled 2hrs to come see. We went to eat she and instantly acting like a couple. Holding my hands, regular convos. She knows I want her back, and she is just scared that it won’t work again. After eating, we went to my house where we had “the convo”. She asked how I felt and if I was serious about working things out. I told yes, that I have learned from mistakes and love her and really want to make it work. She also says she love me, and making jokes are we going to continue from 4yrs or start as day 1. She wants to be with me and see where it goes basically work it out. Asking if im serious and in the future get married and move in together, I said yes. Basically we both were telling each other what we wanted to hear. We ended up having sex, cuddling, watching movie before she left.
I was happy, I had gotten my ex girlfriend back.

We went on to speak every night until this weekend where she had a family death emergency and has to leave town for a week. I understand she was busy as it was so sudden and she told me she had no time to see me before she left. What bothers me is that she ended up leaving without any responds to my “is everything ok?” & “when are you leaving” texts. Not even 1 from the airport.

Now for the heartbreak part. I saw a “based on people you may know” pic on instgram. I knew who he was. He was a guy friend of her bff that she swore was just a friend but I had an idea they were talking or he wanted to get close. When I went to his page I saw pics of them 2 over the weekend before we met. They took a trip together and went to a concert. When I asked during our meetup she said she took a family roadtrip. When we had sex, I said have you been with anyone, she said no.

So this has left me high and dry until next week. Should I confront her? Will she break it off with him to work it out with me? Is she playing me? I am not coping so well. I have to work all week in an office environment and my anxiety is really high.

Am I over thinking it? Maybe he was a rebound and now she will be with me. Sorry if I dragged this out


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  • She wants to be with you and I think he was just a reborebrebound


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  • Dude, is she really worth all this strife? I know being in love sucks at times like this, they can make you over-analyze everything in your relationship. If she is worth it, than confront her about the other guy, because, lets face it, that's going to be an elephant in the room, if you don't bring it up. You'll always wonder who he was, and what that relationship was to her. So, do yourself a favor and save some time by just bringing it up, in a calm fashion, and see what she says about it. It may be something that was completely innocent, or it may be something that will cause you to break-up for good. But, at least you'll know and I think the knowing will drive you less crazy than the not knowing.

    • Thanks, she is worth it. This what I will have to do. I just don't want to approach it the wrong way and push her more to him but I also need her to choose.

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  • you're over thinking it.

    • So you're saying to just wait until she gets back and continue what we were doing and she wants to be with me? Should I even bring up the other guy? I don't want to be played or strung along, I need to know if she will drop the other guy but how do I tell her?


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  • Better stay frienss wid her man..

    • meaning she wants to be with me? How do I bring up this other guy and have her choose me instead?

    • wait duuuuuuude. don't b so fast :)

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