Instagram request from my ex?

My ex has added me on Instagram. After 3 1/2 years of dating, he continued to cheat on me nd I finally broke it off for good.. We had no communication at all for 11 months, and out of the blue I get an Instagram request from him..(my Instagram is private) I'm just curious to why he would do this? And he's single.. I thought he could be doing it to be nosy, but his family follows me and I'm sure he could ask them to see my stuff.. He was with a couple girls after me but none lasted. I don't know if I should accept just so he could see me doing better off, but not add him back.. Or deny?


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  • Just because two people Break up doesn't mean they can't ad don't Make up and that it's Goodbye, my love forever. And with an "EX" who still Marks his X in hi sown softie spot, there is usually motive in mind when it might come time when He------Out of the blue get an Instagram request from him.
    In your case here, dear, he is Obviously Missing the Kissing and the history you both used to share and the cozy comfort you and he had together. You know his past track record and many times over, as you know, a zebra will not change his stripes... you gave him that chance and he blew it.
    I believe he probably wants to get up with you and not be hooked at the hip but probably do a Friends with benefits factor with you. He may want you part of his life without all the strife and if he gets you to play along, this may be what song he will be serenading you now.
    Don't be so quick to wear your heart on your sleeve. You have move don, you have a new life of your own, so really... why get those sleeping dogs barking up the wrong tree again.
    It's your call, your choice but as they say... Why fix what doesn't need to be fixed?
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to lend as helping hand with the man.:)) xxoo

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What Guys Said 2

  • Just ignore him

  • if u don't hate him accept 8)

    • See he was my first love. I have a soft spot for him. But the problem is , I don't want him to think I'm ok with what he did.. Instead I want him to regret what he did. That's why I was thinking of accepting him so he can see my stuff

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  • Deny, deny, deny. He is just being nosy and probably wants to see if there is any bad blood between you to. If it was me I wouldn't care if he thinks I'm still mad at him. I no longer want him in my life and that includes my social media life. I know it's tempting to show you are doing better but don't even give him an inch back in. If he really wants to look then he can view it from a family members account.

    Ugggh, I can't stand cheaters.

    • I'm sure it's because he FINALLY realized he lost a good one. And yes I hate cheaters too. He was my first love so I took it EXTREMLY hard. Here I was finally getting over him and than he adds me!! So I'm just going insane like what is his intentions on adding me? But I'll never know. Nor should I care/:

    • Awe, that's even worst when they're your first love. He probably did realize he lost a good one. Yes it is frustrating trying to figure out the other persons mind set but it's best to let sleeping dogs lie. You are right that this is one of those things where you won't know and should just stop caring.

  • deny him!!


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