I want her back and thought I had won my ex girlfriend back. And I want to know what to do go Nc or continue contact and hanging out?

Ex girlfriend left me for a guy after 4 years together. hungout few days after and had a good time. Then all of a sudden she ignored me for 2 weeks when I was trying to retrieve my things back. After 2 weeks she text me and asked me to meet up, we met at a coffee shop and had a great time she laughed at all my jokes and was very flirty almost like a first date. She even started talkin about my plus one for a trip and if I had someone yet. A few days later I text her again asking to meet up and continue to catch. She agreed and we're suppose to meet on a Tuesday. Well Tuesday came around and she didn't show. I got a text about an hour later saying sorry tht she can't talk to me for a few days and she would cal then and explain. Tht Saturday I had somethin due for a summer class and realized she had somethin I needed. So I ask if we can meet up its prety urgent she agreed and we actualy talked about everything while we were poking for what I needed. She told me she couldn't talk to me because her boyfriend was looking through her phone at night when she was asleep and he timed how long she was gone the last time we met and yelled at her for being gone tht long. She would have to delete our txts even tho they were just casual ones. She said he is very controlling and she isn't happy. I told her if she need me tht I would help her and always love and protect her she then sat down and laid her head on my shoulder started usin the word we again wen talkin about future things and I said we can always start over fresh no questions asked and we went our separate ways. She called me the next day to hang out and I agreed. Wen I saw her I noticed a difference his key was gon from her key chain and they were clearly fightin thro text and she moved out. I thought this was a great thin tht maybe I was going to get her back. But on the way back to her house he was sittin there waitin for her. So then the next day the key is back and she said she wants to help him thro this and fix him. What can I do?


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  • Honestly, forget about her. She's just going to drag you through hell with all her drama. If she wants to leave him, she knows how to contact you. You can't fix abusive, controlling bastards (no matter what she thinks. He won't change).

    • He's 32 and was married and his wife left him in November because of the same thing I love her and do want her back but im not gonna stand there and wait especially when it's fo someone like him who doesn't trust/ treat her with respect

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    • That's what I did yesterday told her I wasn't waiting and she didn't look happy. That I love her and she loves me that we both make it obvious when we are together but she needs to come back on her own that I'm going to work on myself. Just hoping she realizes she can't fix him because I love her enough that I want her to be happy. But she really doesn't with him. But who knows I could be wrong but actions speak louder than words and the way she acts with me shows she does want me

    • Good luck, bro.

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