How to handle the aftermath of a misunderstanding?

My boyfriend and I of six months had a misunderstanding. We have been seeing each other for six months but he travels a lot for his job. Like he's gone for two months, home for two or three days, and then back out for two months. We always would talk everyday day even if it was brief. Even though it was hard we seemed to be able to make it work for the both of us. I woke up one day and some of my contacts were gone in my phone. I reached out to him on social media and told him the situation. I didn't hear back from him for two days. When he did respond he was cold and short. Stating I had lied to him about it and was just trying to keep tabs on where he was. He said he didn't need that in his life. When I tried to contact him back about his assumption he wouldn't respond back. So I haven't contacted him since then. Its been a little over a week since we've talked. I think it is best to move on but it's hard when I've invested the time into making it work. Should I just give him space to think and cool down or just chalk it off as a waste and carry on?


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  • nah... he's not interested i guess... if he's constantly ignorin u


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