Do you wish to get your ex back if the break up been awful?

do u wish u get ur ex back? if they left u without reason and how u can forgive? or trust again? and if there is someone new loving u so mich but u can love her at all how to deal with this situation?
* can't love her at all.


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  • getting back with exs is hard. especially when you have had a rough break up bc there is so much tension there still. I often believe "never let an old flame burn you twice" meaning if it didn't work the first time i wouldn't try it again. but if that's what both of you want i guess you could go for it.

    • actually i do love her but , i don't know how tp cope on my anger when she broke up without reasons and u know when u want to forgive but u can't. this is the problem but what make me became like that is the way she left me.

  • Nope, nope, nope never and hell fucking nope.

    If they are my ex, they are my ex for one of two reasons: they didn't appreciate me or I dumped them for being an idiot. Screw that.


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