Guys, broken up but we still act like we are together?


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  • Hmmm... maybe you should just give some time to time. Breaking up and coming back are part of it sometimes. Imho, the best lovers are also the best friends. Why did you break up? Are the reasons still there and strong enough to prevent you to be together?

    • We broke up because we got into fa big fight about honesty and trust and he said how the relationship was too stressful so he can't do it anymore. HE still likes me and we act like we are still dating by talking and sexting.

    • we started out as best friends a year ago

    • I'll tell you: trust and honesty are simply the core of a healthy relationship, together with love and respect. If you don't or can't have these, it will not work in the long term, dear. Maybe the "stressful" status was more because you're still very young and learning together how it is to be commited, or maybe it is the backup plan - not wanting to "lose freedom" at the moment, eventually being open to other people.

      You should evaluate if it is good for you to be this way with him. Wether you have an open conversation about you as a couple or simply you slowly steer yourself away and be open to other person, who could give you safety and trust, it is up to you.

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  • You were meant to be friends probably

    • we still flirt and when we hang out we intend to be friends but then one thing leads to another...

  • maybe u stll secretely like ech other?

    • He told me that he likes me still and hasn't moved on... and I still like him
      Yesterday I told him that i missed him and he told me he missed me too
      I don't know what to do and what he is thinking thats why i wanted a guys advise

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