Why can't I keep my ex blocked on FB?

My ex wants nothing to do with me so I thought if I blocked her that I wouldn't think about her. Yet everytime I block her I feel bad about it and unblock her. what should I do?


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  • ... My ex wants nothing to do with me...
    Right there, this is telling me, thisguy1234, that she has moved on, doesn't even want to be friends on Facebook and with that... Keep her blocked, don't Unblock her and tell yourself she is gone and that she is no longer part of this page in your chapter that Once was.
    Good luck. xx

    • very true. Thats like when i see her she looks at the ground and what not.

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    • She is finding it awkward now and cannot find it to look you in the eye and even may be embarrassed because too of the FB deal. xx

    • probably true, I don't know if she goes on FB that much though or if she looks at mine that often. she deleted me as a friend on there. I just keep blocking her then unblock her.

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  • Because you are not really over her. Just block her and who ives a damn how she feels.


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  • Seek a therapist and find out why you have such tendencies

    • probably a good idea. I mean we dated for a while and I moved into a complex because she wanted me to be close to her. So I did instead of living with friends.

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  • You have stay strong and keep her blocked.


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