What to do? please help?

me & my classmate started talking on whatsapp last year
slowly we became really good friends.
eventually talking with each-other became our addiction.
we talked to each-other approx. 8 hrs a day.
i slowly started to fall for him n i knw he realized it.
but the thing was he was already in love with one of our other classmate
who is his best friend also.
i thought u shud get rid of all this so i made him promise that we'll never talk again.
we both cried that night, then next day i called him n apologized.
he cried & told me to not do that again, that very night i confessed my feeling to him.
he said he also loves me but he can't give me what i want.
slowly we came more close, we kissed, started meeting more, hugged.
one day i told him to come & meet me and he said he won't.
i told him i want to get rid of all this & he said go on,& said to me
if someone wants to go let them go, n when they come back you;ll be happy in there company.
i cried a lot almost for 5 days, he did'nt messaged me after it nor do i.
then i called him & told him to meet me up.
he came in half an hour.
i said its really hard for me to let you go, and he replied its never really that hard to let someone go.
his friends called him up & told him to meet up.
he said he will come tomorrow at my place and we'll talk.
next day i asked i he is coming & he said he don't want to.
i said i'll never talk to him again n warned him to be away from me.
after 15 days he messaged me how is life going and all?
we talked, i taunted a little, he also did the same.
then from a month he didn't messaged me.
i deleted him from fb & whatsapp.
he messaged me after a month to ask if i have deleted him & i replied yes.
he said ok bye & take care, i also replied bye.
now i miss him a lot, i am almost crying daily from to months, i love that b
no, he is not dating the other girl, but he spends a lot of time with her as she is his best friend & he is sad due to his career & me, so she is supporting him a lot, but she has a boyfriend from 7 years & she loves him a lot,& my guy is only a friend to her.


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  • ... but the thing was he was already in love with one of our other classmate...
    This is what this whole "He said, she said" thing was all about and why he didn't want to be with you. From thence on, it has been this full circle pattern where he is here today and gone tomorrow.
    I believe that even if you both go back to where it first started, he may still have feelings for the other or it will be just something else that you both will have problems with and again... down a beaten path and War of the Roses.
    Let sleeping dogs lie and lose all contact. As much as you are Missing him now, later on you will thank me because I saved you from another heartache and heartbreak here, dear.
    Good luck. xx

    • He loves her, regardless. xx

    • but it hurts losing my best friend, i hate ignoring him but i have to
      it feels really bad to see him sad.
      i want him to be happy,& sometimes i really want him back.

    • Think of your own heart and focus on you. xx

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