Why are my Ex GF's Friends Trying to be friends with me?

My ex and I hung out a couple times with 2 of her best friends. A month after our BU, i texted her to apologize, and two days later her friends started texting me all day everyday. I would talk to them every once in a while, but just small talk; now they are making plans for us all to hang out and such. They even sent pictures of my ex through text which i ignored. Is there any motive in them doing this, or are they just trying to be friendly to me?
Besides me contacting her to apologize, my ex and i haven't had any contact at all. And her friends haven't brought her up besides the pictures.
How do i transition this into my ex being the one to contact me?


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  • They're most likely not trying to be friendly, I mean sure maybe they are, but this obviously has to do with your ex.
    Your ex was probably too afraid/embarrassed to confront you. Her friends are probably covering up for her and trying to make you want her back.
    Or, unlikely though, your ex might be getting her friends to test whether you'd go on a date with her own friends to see if you're honest or something? Once again, probs unlikely cause you guys are history and she has no business in your love life anymore.
    I'd take up on their offer though.


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  • They are trying in manipulate u and play like the strings of a banjo. If I still liked my ex and if she hadn't slept with anyone between now and the time we broke up I would go for it but its up to u. Unless your ex us with another guy and they want u to see how well she is doing without u.

  • There are trying to get you to like this girl again. Remember she you ex for a reason.


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