How to help my guy friend with a break up?

So there's this guy, he and I have been best friends for about 6 years, and I've liked him for the longest time. He recently broke up his long distance relationship with his girlfriend because she cheated and was abusive with him. I really am friends with him. I have always acted as a friend with him. But I know he still loves her, and that he is still hurting, and thinking about her. He recently asked me for advice because she is in a new relationship, which he thinks she didn't want to be in. I honestly didn't know what to say. How can I help him? I would like to support him no matter what he does, I just also don't want to see him hurting.


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  • Be his best friend. Talk to him and listen to him. He will appreciate that you're there for him. It's going to take time. Trust me. Tell him you care about him but don't say you like him. It won't help yet. Tell him that he deserves better and there's still a lot of people that care about him including you. Give him a big hug when he's sad and pay attention to the vibes created. Maybe even a kiss on the cheek at the end of the hug and tell him you're there for him. If he has any romantic interest for you he will sence the vibe and give him something to think about. It won't be coming on too strong and if nothing happens you have nothing to be embarrassed about because you were there for him as a friend.


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  • it's hurt my heart to read your story, how a guy didn't even sees there's a really caring girl near him and always there for him. it's okay, just let him be happy, try to ask him to hang out and do fun thing, to make him forget about the pain, and yes, hope that he'll see you. be supportive and give a true advice, it helps him to move on. good luck


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  • Be the greatest wing woman in the world and set him up with all your single friends.

    • But what if I still like him, I don't mean to sound selfish, but I really do.

    • Sorry... haha... missed that part... Um... set him up with your single friends that are not as awesome as you?

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