If one day i'm gone... ?

i used to let u off and on during 7 years i used to be kind and patient i used to let u run into my hug when u feel lonely and i used to be there for u when u have no one there for u.. i used to accept things i don't used to but i just did for you.. i used to handle your anger and exchange it by smile on ur face... i used to never make u feel shy or shame when u say sorry i put my hand on ur lips telling u no need to say it just let it go... and now you enjoying another break up the "4th" one.. if one day u knew im really gone and not here anymore for you it will make any differences? do you think u will wake up and realize what u lost? can you try to wake up your heart abd shake it and feel me? can u really believe im the type of the man if he is gone who will hardly back or hardly find him? im really still loving you but i won't say it to u.. girl i feel im about to be drifted away to where i can't go back and i don't want it to happen.. if im gone for the first time i do it what u really will do or feel?


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  • Beautiful! Why don't you just tell her how you feel?

    • she's not answering anything at all i tried for cirst 2 month and 3rd month i keep silent and... nothing at all from her side.

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  • You should not be gone then.

    • if u wait more 3 months of no contact if u are in my place u will keep waiting more than 3 months full of pain?

  • I'm assuming your a friend of a girl who only considers you a freind?

    • i just share because i don't know where to share or who i should talk to imjust thinking loudly.. if she's trusting that she can back anytime and one day she found me gone how she will feel? she will take it as itsok no problem? or she will wake up and know the value of what she lost? i never dissappear before but this time i feel strongly im about to.

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    • thank you.

    • your welcome hun, huge hugs! !!

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