Do think if my EX sees me actually happy again and able to live without him he will want me back?

My boyfriend broke up with me about a week ago after our last bad bad fight, caused my me. He basically says I need time to get over my romantic feelings for him, but knows I am going through a lot in my life right now and wants to help me through it in about a month or so. I was working 16 hours days with 3 jobs and had completely lost myself in the process. I would wake up and be literally crying from exhaustion not knowing how I would make it through the day. I was just running from one thing to another trying to make everything work. Obviously I wasn't able handle a relationship too. I was yelling at him, and have learned that I need to communicate needs better but at the time did not know how. Anyway, I just quit one of my 3 jobs so I could feel more stable and its already done wonders. However the day I quit was the day he ended things with me so he hasn't even seen my stress levels come down! He says he cares very much for me but can not be here with me during this time while I figure out what it is I need to. I miss him so much but agreed to his feelings. On the night of our break up, he contradicted himself however and mentioned a party we both have tickets to go to this weekend, saying we should go together. I don't know what to do! I have yet to hear from him since then, and have been working on myself every day and trying to remain positive. I also signed up for some stress /anger management classes so that I can get help and learn the tools to not take my stresses out on others when its overwhelming. He is aware of this as well. He also told me he is not interested in dating anyone else, and won't be for a long time, but that I still need to not wait for him hoping we will get back together when we see each other again. Is there a chance that if I can in fact make big changes in my behavior that he will come back around? Will my new positive character respark his interest? I really just needed a break from so much work for so many weeks!!
He knew what I was going through... Again no excuse for my actions which is why Im getting help.


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  • Ordinarily, I discourage people from trying to resume a failed relationship, but in your case, I think you have a realistic chance at making it work. Text him and say, "We're still going to the party this weekend, right?"

    • yeah I mean we are pretty much compatible in every way... I just need to get better at dealing with my stress by setting boundaries to balance my life. He also had just finished classes and was looking for work so pretty much had 24/7 free while I was the opposite which lead to seeing each other too much. I was too busy and frantic to even think what was best for me at that time. It just got very messy.

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    • I feel like he may have just wanted it that at the time. He has not been active on Facebook at all since then nor tried to contact me since. I think reaching out may push him even further away :(

    • I just have to accept its over dont i?

  • Being happy is the best revenge...

    • I don't want revenge... I love him and I want him back in my life.

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    • Im worried he may never really want to see me again frankly... that in the time he will have truly moved on

    • Love is so fragile and I crushed it... I'm in despair today

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