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i want to forget about someone who played with my feelings and claimed that he luvs me or I don't know but I loved him and I didn't tell him but he knew that & he was such a jerk has no feelings he still my friend after all that though, but I want forget him forever can you guys & girls tell me how?


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  • Dont withdraw from any connection with him. Determine that you will MAINTAIN all connections and STILL forget him!

    First, recognize that he behaved badly with you for no fault of yours.

    Second, realize that he did this not because he is heartless, but because he has a character disorder. Good human beings do not hurt anyone (except in self defence), much less some one who loved you and someone whom you said you loved.

    This will automatically lead you to understand that internally he must be unhappy with life and must be devoid of joy and love. Develop sympathy for him and pray for him to become a good human being and for his happiness.

    Do this till you realize that everything happens for the best.


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  • I am sorry for your pain, disappointment and hurt. This happened to me not too long ago but there was no love involved. The most important step is to cease all contact with him. Erase his cell number, email address, remove him from and fb or MySpace accounts etc. Next, don't be afraid to let yourself be angry, sad, to cry or stay in bed. You're grieving more or less so sometimes you need to let your emotions out. Try to stay busy, hang out with family or friends and lean on people you can count on. This will all take time and plenty of it. Take it day by day and you will heal.

    Best of luck.

    • I can't cut my connection with him because he still my friend I didn't show to him tht he broke my heart he loves another girl but why he played with my emotion why he said stuff which it shows that he loves me I tried to take off anything makes me in connection with him but I couldn't I try but I can't , I need help? I'm so down

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