Feeling so sad missing ex. Boyfriend so much. Do you you think there's a chance we can get back together?

so we were so good everything was going good. Friday he got pulled over by the cops because him and his friends were acting stupid and didn't go inside for curfew we were texting I told him to call me because he said he would but he didn't so I got pissed around 1 in the morning he fell asleep on me the next day he didn't text me at all I talked to his sister and she's like he has been sleeping and laying all down all day. Then the next day like at 2pm he texted me we talked it was normal then Sunday it was great we talked all day then Monday we also talked Tuesday he didn't go to school but he texted me then he had to go collect cans for wrestling camp then he never texted me back the next day I planned to ignore him but he texted me in the morning saying he's sorry for acting the way he was then we saw each other and he was acting like a great boyfriend then he texted me today we were completely normal then we went to the park I was asking him why is he acting weird them he was like nothing I was like tell me then he was like I just been thinking bout us then he changed the subject fast but I changed it back to us then he started holding me and crying saying he wants to end it but earlier in the day he was like talking about having kids and stuff. He's having a lot of family problems right now so I don't know


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  • Along with being Sporadic, which he is here, dear, and along with his "Having family problems right " as well, he is wet behind the ears in years, I call it, and may be enjoying a bit of freedom and fun with his friends and may not be raring to be, from time to time... Hooked at the hip in a Real Relationship.
    He has the sure signs of what I can see here, of Not wanting to always have to answer to you, which infuriates you and can put a monkey wrench in things in any relationship when you feel as though you are being put on a Pay no mind list. And from the way he was crying, wanting to end things, yet 'Earlier in the day he was like talking about having kids and stuff,' this may be some of his long term goals that one day he would Like to accomplish but for now... he is confused.
    Give him his space and see what happens. You both need to get on the same page and either compromise or just... throw in the towel and stay friends.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to lend a hand with the man.:)) xxoo

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  • It's plausible if you put the efforts into it


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  • It's possible that he does care about you or like you. I kinda think he does. But you mentioned that he's going through things right now which might explain why he comes off as confused. Just give him time to solve his problems and try to be supportive. However, don't be a doormat either.


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