Help I don't know what to do should I break up?

Me and my fiancé didn't talk to each other for a week because he felt I'm ignoring him but I really wasn't, yesterday I forced him to come over and that we should talk we talked and got back together then slept with each other then all of a sudden I text him good morning he replies " we don't need to talk if we talk we will argue lets not talk " what? I got confused if he's just saying that to ditch me so I got upset and told him stop this argument nothing happened why are you doing this, then in the afternoon I asked him again what are you doing he didn't reply I got sad and told him if you want to break up with me just say it and I'm gonna tell dad that we are not together anymore "he does talk to my dad" then he replies I don't care go ahead. Now I'm confused what's going on? Should we break up? Does he even love me? Please explain


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  • it would seem that he may feel as though you could do better. or he could be just using you as a booty call? has this happend before?


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  • yikes!!!
    you really need to talk to him and figure out whats going on with him...
    also you have to think... is dealing with that somethig you want to deal with for the rest of your life?


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  • you should break up.


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