So I talked to my ex today and he told me the way he broke up with me would be considered sweet by a third party, what are your thoughts?

He told me that love is an overstatement and he doesn't want to date anymore and gave me no reason.
Along with stating he didn't want a messy break up since he was my first boyfriend, but just dating him persuaded me to never date again.


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  • So why you've talked to your ex in the first place?

    • Not really answering my question.
      Also it's mainly because he contacted me first.

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    • Understood.

      Though it confused me with him stating that to another person the way he broke up with me would be considered sweet. Basically he didn't talk to me for a while week and then all of a sudden said love is an overstatement when I asked him if he loved me. I had slept with him the day before he decided to not talk to me for a whole week. Then two days after the break up he acted all cute with me.

    • Just don't
      You're not a game

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  • Oh my god, that is the most egotistical thing I've ever heard. "Sweet"? How in the world could he think a break up is sweet?

    • Honestly I don't know. He stated the way he broke up with me could be considered sweeter than the other types of break ups.

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    • Yeah and he doesn't even understand what he says is not an ok thing to say. I don't know if it's his illness that makes him do this or not.
      One time he got mad at me for thinking he cheated, whenever he said he didn't, after he told me that this one girl had asked him if he's ever had oral sex and he had told her yes. Then I asked him why she would even ask him that, he had a grin on his face and said because she's a whore.
      At that moment I seriously thought he slept with her by his actions and I just ran away from him crying at that moment. He ran after me and had no idea why I was upset. 😒

    • Wow. Wow wow wow. This literally makes my ex look less terrible in my opinion. Don't talk to this loser anymore!

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