Why Is My Ex Back In Touch?

I dated a guy long-distance for about 10 months. It was a really good relationship. We had a good connection and things went really well for a while, he even took me home to meet his family and friends during the holidays. At the beginning of our relationship, he started a new job and I could tell he was stressed. Eventually I took the backburner and he sort of turned into a workaholic, we started arguing, and eventually he broke it off. I can’t say I was surprised. I also couldn’t really argue with his reasoning for ending it. He sent me an email a week later explaining his situation and why he felt we needed to break up. I agreed with his reasoning and told him that. He knew I was upset when he called it quits, but I responded to his email letting him know things hadn’t been great recently, but I had really enjoyed our time together. This exchange ended well and I honestly thought that was it. I was still bummed, but felt like we ended on good terms so I wasn't going to stress over it anymore. Exactly one month of NC later, he texted me saying he'd been thinking of me and hoped things were well. We had a short conversation and after that, he started liking my instagrams. About 2 weeks later he forwarded me an email with a funny article (sort of had to do with an inside joke). About a week later I reached out to him and instead of texting me back, he called. We ended up talking for a while and at the end, he said he just wanted to catch up and he was glad things were going so well. That's where I got really confused. Is he honestly just trying to be friends? He sent me a text a few days later and I decided to be straight forward and emailed him asking what his intentions are for getting back in touch. I was sincere, honest &nice and didn't make him out to be a bad person. He never responded to my email. Why get back in touch with me in the 1st place? To me, when you're finished with a significant other, you don't complicate things by staying in each other's lives.


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  • likin yer pics, or sendin u some e-mail aren't clear signs actually


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