Protective EX that says im sleeping with other boys and talking to other boys, WHY is he being like this?

Me and my EX broke up 2 weeks ago he was the love of my life and still in love with him now. He was way over protective and says things about me that ain't true! He says im talking to other boys and messing around with them. The only difference with me and my ex is im pregnant with his baby (14 weeks ) .. I don't get why he is like this with me its so confusing? He says that he doesn't want to get back with me, and that he doesn't love me no more.. But then he also acts like he cares about me and loves me in a way if that makes any sence. Im not the type of girl to mess around and im not the type to up and speak to someone else after breaking up especially being pregnant. He knows i love him and i tell him everyday even though we ain't together., His mixed signals (being over protective and saying things) are just way to much and i dont know what he wants out of me? The more he keeps saying stuff like im doing stuff with other boys when im not is just gonna push me away. What do i do? Soo heart breaking!

It's hard to ignore the one you love


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  • he might have freaked out. Its difficult for immature boys like us to accept the fact that we are going to be daddies at 18-25. He might be making up the "ur sleeping with other boys" thing to hide the fact that he is not ready to handle it.
    he might be paranoid. Ya boys can be too. Plus overprotective goes with paranoia. Tell him he is amazing and wonderfull and you cannot find a better guy than him and all that lovely crap.
    He might have seen or heard you talking around or sleeping around, in which case you need to confront him with the issue.


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  • ignore him!

    • It's hard to ignore the one you love and have been with for a while and been through a lot together. Plus carrying his child

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