What can I say to him to let him know that I'm interested...

ive decided that enough is enough and that yo only live once. so as a result, I am going to tell this guy I like exactly how I feel.

only one problem...


please help me. obviously I can't do it face-to-face so I'm going to do it online (he broke his phone)

so pleeease give me some pointers.

i want it to be perfect.

thankyou xxx


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  • Why can't you do it face-to-face? Personally that gives it more meaning and makes it feel more real. If it's online then it can get all awkward and one of you will say something like "err I gtg" or something along those lines.

    If you're in person then you'll talk it and know where you both stand.

    BUT if you are going to do it online just be honest, there is no guy that will get offended being told that a girl likes him, but give him some time to respond as well, he might not have thought of you in that way before so when you do tell him don't badger him straight after even if that's what you want to do. Let him think it over and reply in his own time.

    Hope that's helped and good luck :)

    • Because when I get nervous or embarrassed, what I want to say will come out completely differently. and I'd make a d*** of of myself. lol.

      yeh that does help. thankyou. but like what could I actually say to even get onto the topic, or like what could I actually say?

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    • LOL. thankyou. wow its going to be embarrassing! I've never done this before. usually its the other way around. as in the guy tells me :L.

      but any tips on how to make it sound really cute etc? as in how would you like to be told? haha

    • Haha well I don't know how much I'd play on the cuteness its nice but when talking about this then which is something you care about seriously you just act in a more serious manner ( not boring just not cutesie)

      Personally I think I'd like to be told full stop as I'm sure most guys would. But if there is a particular thing you like about him, if you tell him about that, not detailed just that you like it, then that might work. But it mostly depends on the guy, and you know him

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