My ex (and best friend) is dating someone new and suddenly won't talk to me?

We were friends, and all of the sudden the new person they're dating has totally taken over their life. I feel hurt, and like I've lost my best friend.

What should I do?


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  • I am going to be honest, you should not depend on him. Its obvious that he has moved on and I am sure he has already been hurt from the relationship you had with him. You should find someone else too and after time, there will be time when you and ex meet up again joking about the relationship u two had in the past.

  • Sorry to hear that. Maybe you can let that person know that you feel hurt that you guys don't talk anymore. But if he says he can't talk to you because he's with his girl and she's not letting him talk to you, you have to respect that. It can just push him away if you look too needy for his attention. And it'll make her mad, and he won't like that either.


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