Girls, dont you lack safety? I have been cheated on 3 times :( ?

i have been in 3 relationships , everytime i got cheated on and left , one with a strange girl, one with with my friend, and the third left me for his ex who dumped him before, it has broken my confeence and my trust in everybody , i always feel threatened and i feel worthless and not lovebale , i am afraid to love again, and i feel that nobody will ever appreciate me or love me faithfully , i lack safety , someone who is afraid to hurt me , and doesn't want someone else beside me, it hurts a lot , i could survive them but with a very broken soul and a very shaky personality right now


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  • I'm the same way but ince you meet the right person all your insecurity and fear of being hurt will disappear.💕

    • thanks for helping , have you found the right one? , do you think that it is true that since non of those appreciated me and was faithful to me , that nobody will

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    • Yea i think i have. We have a kid together and everything so☺
      and i don't think thats true. I've been in two other relationships that ended in them taking advantage of me, hitting me and cheating on me and I'm so much stronger in this relationship than i ever was with anyone else.
      the hard parts about life are what makes you strong.

    • i am happy for you :) , that gave me hope for sure , thanks

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  • Same for me. But I still have a hope that loyal guys exist. Maybe I will meet him one day..

  • I understand where you are coming from , I too am afraid to love again because the person I gave my virginity to, loved and remained loyal to cheated and created another relationship behind my back, he keeps saying he loves me but love doesn't hurt. It's hard to deal with it's like u do t want to give your heart to anyone again


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