Guys, my boyfriend and I broke up but he still likes me even when he called it off what should I do?

it was stressful bc we always fought
bc we fought all the time


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  • I realize now you are not the sweet caring person I thought you were when I met you, and you are in fact an asshole using the feelings I had for you to get what you want. I feel nothing for you anymore because the person I feel in love with never really existed.

  • he's indecisive. you can either wait for him to come back, or ask him the real reason he broke it off with you. Then try to fix the reason or move on.

    ps. I got nothing more to say on this topic, I'm as confussed as you are :)

    • he broke it off because it was too stressful

    • ask him what you do that is stressfull to him. then try to fix it, if you can't or his explanation is too farfetched/unreason ( you want him to eat lunch with instead of his friends) I would find a better suited guy.

    • it was becuse we fought all the time

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