How do get over a cheater?

I dedicated 3 years of my life to a man, I remained loyal the entire time because I respected him and I respected myself most of all. He decided to move out of state so I supported him in his decision even tho I stated to him I didn't want him to go. All of a sudden he became distant with me and I recently seen on fb that he has started a relationship with someone else while I'm back in our home time loyal and devoted to him not so much as looking another guys way. I know I deserve better , I never gave him a reason to do me the way he has, and I know my worth. I just need advice on how to get threw this and get past him and to be able to love someone again as I have him.

PS he's saying she hacked into his account from his phone nd made the relationship change but still hasn't removed it.

Any comparison stories will be helpful as well


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  • similar situation he was talking to a girl while we were together think nothing of it, when i hear the shout two of them in a relationship, right infront my eyes and i didn't know, i too sacrifice erything for him end up with nothing. now his new g/f is pregnant and he take her in to live with him. talk about devastation on my path cause we wrk the same place saw his g/f practical everyday too cause she does regular business with the company. double whammy. i want to hide but i can't and i know there is a lot of talk going around right now. i can't cope witth it.
    anyway men lie you do any and evrything and the girl comes around and reap your benefit. they don't have to do shit. and they live happily after i was asking myself that same question how do i trust another guy i won't up to now four years past i can't even trust a guy in my life. yet he is so happy enjoying life in the sunset. its unfair but sometimes thats life.

    • It's so unfair , well the b**** had the audacity to message me from his page saying b***** stop messaging my man. I've been with him 3 years , did everything for him and his son nd a b***** has the nerve to message me from his page , talk about pissed!! They wil definitely get their karma

    • it hurts i know but you can't pull your self down, know your worth , hold your head up high. and if you respond to it, you are lowering your standard to hers. i know life not to kind to some people, especially people who are kindhearted, and sensitive always end up getting hurt the most.

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  • guess u shuld understand if u r thinkin bou him constantly... then u'll lways destroy yer mood...


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