Why would he say we needed a break?

I was talking to a guy , but we had been fighting a lot recently so he said we needed a break from talking. A few days after that he deleted me off snapchat and added me back again. His excuse was that he deleted me by accident. I mean why couldn't he have done it to someone else. Why would he do that?


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  • take snapchat out of the equation. it doesn't mean anything
    if he said he wants to take a break then he is interested in another girl


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  • He may have just told you that 'He deleted me by accident' here, dear, because with you both taking a 'Break from talking,' he may have pressed a button on his end too soon, believing it might have been best to just Delete you altogether but then... Had a change of heart.
    If you both continue 'Talking' again, get on the same page so there is less problems and it doesn't end to be a war of the Roses in the end.
    Good luck. xx


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  • He was probably just tired of arguing with you so he wanted to get away from you for awhile


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