What was running through her mind!?

I was with this girl over the summer. she was absolutely amazing. intelligent, beautiful, out going, and just overall amazing. we where only together for 6months, but within that 6months we experienced so much. I was with her when she went to the hospital ( I was with her all night) when her grandma became sick, I did anything I could to help, when her cat passed away, I was there for. I even fought with her parents to take her to the hospital when they wouldn't let her go. then a few weeks before we broke up she started going to church with her friend from school. her friend was nice, cool chick. then one day I get a text saying " I don't have the motivation to be with you anymore". and a few weeks after we broke up she started seeing a 30yr old dude. . and dropped contact with all her friends and even me. . .

There's a little more to the story, she was depressed and tried to kill her self in front of me, that's why I was with her in the hospital. . .
& throughout the whole relationship she would cry and say to me, "i never want you to leave me", "your the best thing that happened to me" and other bullsh*t like that. I spoke with her the other day and she says she never ment any of it. . . WTF!?


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  • Well, if she dated someone older, that means she probably wanted to have a more mature relationship. Personally, I would never date someone that much older than me, but that's my perspective. Also, if she wanted to date an older man, she probably wanted to get action, because truthfully, thirty year old men will do anything to get there hands on someone young. It's really not a pretty truth. But who really knows? Maybe she just lost interest or wasn't happy. Try asking her.

    • Yeah, that's a resonable possablity. but that would suck big time if it was the truth!. . . are chicks really that heartless and cold!? lol---- I guess so. .

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  • Oh, well that's a different aspect that. Hmm, I'd have to say let her go. Sorry, but if that happened to me, I'd leave in a instant.


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  • sounds like she's going through something pretty tough within herself right now. leaving you is one thing, but stopping contact with her friends is another and usually means she's feeling confused and probably doesn't want to hear what they have to say right now. I don't think it's due to you however, it just kind of happened.

    • Yeah, I tell myself that, but dating a 30yr old dude, idk. . .It is what it is. right!?


    • I think she's just acting out because she's confused about her feelings. regardless, there's not much you can do besides let it be known that you're there for here if she needs it

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