Why would she STILL want to keep the lines of communication open?

My ex's mother seems to not to understand that my ex and I are over. Of course he broke up with me. The thing is that she is always trying to get close to me. She will call, text send messages, on facebook and I do respond but find it weird.

I have told her that it's hard for me to want to do the things that we used to together. She expects me to want to hang out etc. Her son and I have a toddler together but custody has been established so she still has access to him. Why is it that she doesn't want to let go.

I know u guys think I'm being mean but she can be very wishy washy. She is saying how she looks forward to having a friendship and how much she enjoys me


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  • ... Her son and I have a toddler together...
    Perhaps it doesn't take a rocket scientist nor someone as wise as I am, to see that she 'Doesn't want to let go' because she knows you and him are tied with a toddler and if she would cut the apron strings even for a minute, the bough might break and the... Cradle might fallBe polite, answer once in awhile just to because this sweet lady means well. Most mothers who have a son won't give the other half the time of day many times.. This one wants to be hooked at the hip with you yet because she also finds great qualities in you and knows Mother knows best that you still might be the one for her son and a chance one day for another ripe romance.
    Good luck. xx

    • so you think she may believe that I am a good person to her son?

    • Yes, I do believe this and also a good mom in which the 3 of you would make a nice little family... thank you for allowing me to help shed some light on a sensitive subject.:)) xxoo

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  • maybe she has taken a liking to u

  • Maybe she does like you. After all you're the mother of her grandchild.

    Or maybe she's afraid that one day you will change your mind and she couldn't see her grandkid again.


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