Girls, the woman I broke up with called me after she broke up with her new Boyfriend?

Ok I was dating a woman for about 8 months about a year ago. We broke up and about 2 months ago I contacted her. I never heard anything back till about 3 weeks ago. I told her I miss her but she informed me that she was dating someone and she was happy. I was a gentleman and wished them luck. Well this morning I got a text asking if I was busy. She needed to talk. She asked me if there was something that she did that pushed men away. From there we talked the rest of the day. My question is this we didn't break up over bad terms and she is far from a mean person. I know she is upset and she did say he broke up with her cause he wasn't sure if she felt he was the one for her. I guess would she even text if she didn't maybe want to try?
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I guess if I had to vote, I would vote D all of the above. She text me first this morning early. Just to say hi. I was going to wait for her to text today. Lol didn't wait to long. I think at this point it could go any way. So what happens, happens. I enjoy talking with her anyways and it seems it may not be me just wanting it. So we can take all the time in the world.
I can see the being used part. Funny thing is we have been talking some about our issues that we did have. I have been down this road before with other women in my years. Never did old issues come up on her part. The other thing is this guy is the rebound to me. So I am in new territory.


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  • I feel that by her telling you 'She was happy' with this guy at that given moment, that if he had not dumped her when he supposedly did, that she probably would never have... Got a text asking if I was busy.
    Don't wear your vulnerable heart on your sleeve right now. You are probably this Rebound at the moment she can use as a shoulder to cry on and lean on.
    Go slow with the flow. If you both 'Didn't break up on bad terms,' then do something differently this time around, should you decide to try again.
    Good luck. xx


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  • She's looking for love and attention. Most likely if she was still with her ex boyfriend she wouldn't even be contacting with you right now especially since she claims she was happy. Since you might be her only option at the moment and it's pretty obvious since you texted her... now she's trying to use you to move on and stop feeling lonely. In short terms she needs you as a rebound.

  • I think she only wants a friend and was inquiring as to what she may be doing wrong.

  • She's just lonely and sad right now. It didn't mean anything


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