Why does my ex girlfriend keep liking basically everything similar to what I like?

On Instagram, we still follow each other. And obviously you see what people like, follow etc. I will like a photo of a particular car, a particular drink that someone is drinking and lets say 3 guys/girls together posing and she will do the same of other photos but the same context. Meaning, she will then go and like a car that is the same, the same drink and 3 other people posing together? I've noticed she as well likes photos of guys that look like me. Please someone explain this haha.
I would say that she still has feelings for you and is trying to get you to notice it maybe.


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What Girls Said 2

  • Maybe she still likes you or love you can say.
    because a person who likes another person will copy his/her styles, things and other etc etc just in order to show that "we both are same"

  • This is rather odd behaviour. Sounds to me like you have an obsessed female on your hands.


What Guys Said 1

  • she is thirsty, and wants you back!

    fuck that tho, dont even consider her from now on. Unless she wants a sex sesh with no strings attached... thats acceptable


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