Why does my ex refuse to talk to me? Does he still care even though he says he doesn't?

Me and my ex sort of tried being friends (after I fucked it up) but I couldnt just be friends with him and I said horrible things before cutting him off for 5 months. I contacted him after I moved on, and expected him to at least say hi. But he refused and said he doesn't care about talking to me anymore, and said to leave him alone. COMPLETELY rejected me trying to talk to him. I'm hurt he doesn't even want to talk.. i explained that I'm not trying to walk back into his life and force anything.. I told him I'm talking to someone else. Why did he refuse to even talk to me?


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  • He is hurt and trying to put you behind him

    • Do you think the fact that he is hurt he will come around eventually? To just talk to me. I'm not sure how long people want to stay mad..

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    • Well, try talking in person. Bring wine...

    • He moved :( but I'm moving too for college

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  • ... I said horrible things before cutting him off for 5 months...
    Apparently, he has a sour ball in his mouth and will carry a chip on his shoulder to his dying day.
    He has probably moved on himself here, dear, so best for you to stay... Moved on. He wants to forget, he knows it will not work in the friendship department and as sad to say but it's true: Parting really is such sweet sorrow.
    Good luck. xx

    • I just hope he comes back to me. Considering your age (you seem wise) what do you say the chances are of him
      Contacting me again?

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    • What I believe is, those who are truly in love with each other can get through anything and will do anything to make it work. It sounds like your husband and you have that type of connection. Me and my ex said we would be in each others lives forever.. whether friends, dating, etc.. and thats why it's so hard to let go. I was too young for a serious commitment and I REALLY messed up, especially because he is so sensitive. I'm worried that he just sees me as toxic to his life, when in reality I'm old enough to truly appreciate him in my life. I'm just hoping he remembers the words I sent him recently, and contacts me down the road. Thanks so much for your help :)

    • You are sop welcome, glad to have obliged... and you are so right... Let me also add, Everything too in God's hands, sweetie. xxoo

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  • Because you hurt him then cut him off I would want to talk to you either.

    • *wouldn't*

    • Fair point.. But I was so depressed not being more with him. we argued too much and I didn't want to stress him out anymore. So I just said, this is never going to work and cut him off.. I hope he forgives me someday.

    • Well all you can do is tell him you're sorry and that you hope he forgives you and when and if he is ready he can contact you but that it is up to him and you'll respect any decision that he makes, and then wait and see if he changes his mind but if you don't hear from him then it's truly over and there is nothing you can do.

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